Day 2 revisited

On day two before I got to Arkansas. I was riding down a road in Mississippi called miss levee. The road was a gravel road on the to of the levee. The road eventually Started cutting through an open pasture full of all different cows and bulls. They really didn’t want to get put of the way for my tiny motorcycle. One of the bulls was taller than me and was just staring me down. After a couple minutes of slowly creeping through the herd I exited the other side. I thought I was going to start a stampede.


3 Responses to “Day 2 revisited”

  1. Philip Freeman Says:

    Nice!, Keep the updates coming… I love hearing from ya!

  2. Fred Says:

    Sounds like fun enjoying the blogs. Fred

  3. Taylor O'Brien Says:

    Be careful for those bulls…they can kill you…seriously…

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