Day 2

My day started out with 2 hours of rain. Needless to say, that part sucked. Just before the rain stopped, my bike died. So I flipped it onto reserve. It still wouldn’t start and I see that I have a half of a tank of gas. The bike should not be dying like this. It seems like it isn’t getting gas. So I pull the gas line off and only a small amount of gas is coming out of the carb. I’m starting to think about where can I get a new petcock 50 miles north on Memphis on a Sunday. After playing with the petcock for a bit gas starts flowing again. So I put everything back together and ride on.

It dies on me about 5 more times before I pull into an auto parts store parking lot. Sweet! I should be able to get what I need here and fix it. I was planning on disassembling the petcock to make sure it was working properly. As I’m trying to empty the tank I realize what the problem was. The gas tank vent line was unable to allow air into the tank allowing gas out. I fixed the vent hose and haven’t had a problem since.

So I finally make it to the start of the TAT. I’m following the route for about 10 miles before I find the first tree blocking the road. It took me a bit of time to clear enough of a path thru the branches for me to pass. After dropping my bike twice on the tree I finally made it thru.

The route continued on many awesome roads. The previous rain made some of the difficult. On some of the dirt roads I could not go faster than 5 miles per hour otherwise I’d be sliding sideways, which I did a lot of. I’ve included a look at one of these types of roads.

Route route route. Getting late. I’ll find the nearest campground or state park. I stop and grab a bite at sonic, then head to the state park. “Park Closed until further notice.” Great. At this point I’m feeling lazy and start to look for a hotel. But I found an RV park and pitched my tent. Now I’m going to sleep.


2 Responses to “Day 2”

  1. Taylor O'Brien Says:

    Sorry to hear about the bike, but I am glad that you’re on your way again. Ride safely and enjoy your time off. Take lots of pictures!

  2. Joe Says:

    Kick ass report keep it safe and keep it fun. when you have mechanical probs think easy stuff first. Remeber the voltage regulator in mexico? glad your enjoying it. Gonna rain everysingle day. You got a motorcycle and a tent, so your fucked for weather.

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