Day 3

Probably the best day of riding yet. I started off at about 8 am. As I was riding this morning I kept seeing other motorcycle tire tracks. Knowing that it had rained recently I knew there must be other riders in the area. The roads were a lot of fun and I was going pretty fast. I wondered if I could catch up to the riders that laid the tracks. At about 9:30 I turned a corner and see aklr650 stopped at the next intersection. I pulledup along side him as his wife is coming back from a wrong turn. The two of them were riding the Arkansas portion from Clinton west. After chatting for a bit and takings couple pictures I took off ahead of them.

I was still seeing fresh motorcycle tire tracks after passing those two riders. Less than an hour down the road I realized that one of the fresh tracks was made by a tkc80. Within 30 minutes I pulled up to 3 bikes on the side of the road. A klr650, an f650gs Dakar, and a dl1000 with tkc80s. We talked for a while about the trail and riding. A group of quads went flying by. Six quads, eight people, four coolers, zero helmets. Most of the group was drinking a beer as they rode. The 3 riders I pulled next to were trying to prvent the f650gs from melting the saddle bags on it. After about half an hour I said my goodbyes and kept riding.

The roads and scenery were beautiful. I pulled into Oark for lunch at 12:15. When I opened the door with the ADV and TAT stickers on it, I knew I was in the right place. The cafe / general store / gas station had one customer in it when I arrived. I was able to chat with the cook and waitress about my trip. They told me they get very few people doing it alone. As I was waiting for my food to cook, two fellow advriders walked through the door. They were from 60 miles north of Oark, and that they were just riding around the area. After chatting and eating, I filled my tank and rode away.

The afternoon ride was full of more of the Ozarks. This area would be a great place to do a weekend trip of riding.

I stayed at the Devil’s Den state park.


One Response to “Day 3”

  1. Mark Nye Says:

    Lots of fun to read. Definitely keep writing!

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