Day 4

I woke up at 7 am today. That is mighty early for me. I packed everything up and left the state park by 7:30. I was going to try to make the three day ride that is oklahoma in 2. Unfortunatly this did not work out for me. About 10 minutes into my ride I hear a clicking noise and have no power to my rear wheel. I coasted down the hill I was on then pulled to the side of the road. I was about 15 miles from the nearest town. As I pulled the front sprocket cover off my bike, the nut and washer fell to the ground. I was hoping I could refasten the nut and ride on. The nut just slipped over the threads on the output shaft. All the threads on the nut were stripped. Looking through my tool bag I noticed I had a hose clamp. I figured I’d try that and see how it worked. After a short 20 foot test it was working, so I loaded all my gear and tools back onto the bike and slowly rode to the nearest auto repair shop in the nearest town. After waiting there for a half hour they were finally able to look at it for three seconds and say they did not have a nut or a tap and nut that large. They pointed me to the auto parts store a block away. No luck there either. Onto the hardware store. They were able to point me in the direction of the nearest motorcycle dealer. 15 miles down US-62. I bought two extra hose clamps, jb weld, and expoxy from them to make sure I could get to the dealer. Somehow I forgot to pack the jb weld and epoxy before I left Illinois.

As I started out on US-62 I remembered the story of a chaingolian rider losing that nut and using duct tape in its place. I added some duct tape. It’s a good thing I added the duct tape because I think it held the hose clamp together at 65mph.

I arrived at the dealer and asked the parts guy for the nut. He said they did not stock it and nobody had ordered one from them in 2 years. He suggested I talk to the service department. The guy at the service department went to ask the sales team and came back to the service area pushing a new drz400sm. He’d give me the nut off that bike if I went and bought one at the parts counter. I walked out of there with a new nut and a washer that was used once. I installed the washer and nut. Cranked it on as hard as I could, then bent the washer over in two places to help prevent it from spinning. Luckily the threads on the shaft were stronger than the threads on the nut.

Back to the trail. At about 3pm I saw three bikes spread out along the road. It was the same three guys I saw yesterday. I asked if I could ride with them for the rest of the day. They said I could so we a rode off together. There was still about 100 miles left on this leg of the TAT. They rode a bit slower than my pace but were on some larger bikes. The majority of the time I was riding with them I was in the back. Oklahoma is very dusty. We rolled into town at 7. I got myself a motel room for the night.

Mmmm. Shower with soap. 😀


2 Responses to “Day 4”

  1. Taylor O'Brien Says:

    Glad to hear that you are having a good time and found some people to ride with. Hopefully you won’t have anymore problems with the bike while you’re gone. Showers are always pleasant 🙂

  2. Virgil Says:

    You could use the JB weld as a threadlock if the washer spins out of the bent washer.


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