Day 5

The temperature was 85 when I started riding. The roads started out pretty nice. Lots of twisties and a hand full of creek crossings. They eventually flattened out so I was riding in between wheat fields. By noon the temperature was close to 100. I was riding along at a good pace and stopped for lunch in Kiowa, KS. according to Sam, the TAT man, I had about 20 miles left for the day. I decided to keep riding.

After lunch it was more fields followed by some pastures with cattle in them. I rode for another 70 miles after lunch and was drinking lots of water to stay hydrated, but was not feeling too good towards the end of it. I opted for the 18 miles of paved road to the nearest gas station where I immediately got a Gatorade and hung out in their ac for a while. After I was done feeling like I was going to die from heat stroke I went outside to fill up the bike. I took a look down the block and saw the bank sign that said it was 104.

I looked over my bike and noticed that my rear sprocket was missing all its teeth. They had broken off. The chain did not have excess slack that would have caused this failure. I’m thinking it is a combination of the heat along with the gravel, sand, and dirt roads that caused the aluminum sprocket to fail.

Since I was in the town of Buffalo, OK, population 1312. I assumed I would not be able to find a new sprocket. I tried posting on advrider to see if there were any locals that might be able to help. I also asked around town to find out if anybody might have a sprocket. The one person in town that has a dirtbike said his would not be compatible. After a few calls I was able to find a dealer 30 miles away that could order it and it would likely be there tomorrow. I tightened up my chain to remove most of the slack so it would not jump off the sprocket. I made the 30 mile ride to Woodward where I will hopefully get a call tomorrow morning telling me my sprocket has arrived.

I hope this does not become a daily routine.


2 Responses to “Day 5”

  1. Taylor O'Brien Says:

    Ugh! WTF?!? I also hope this stops happening to you. Glad to know you made it safely once you noticed the sprocket damage.

  2. Nathan Says:

    At least you are getting all of the parts broken while you are still in populated areas. At this rate, you’ll have a nearly new bike by the time you get to that stretch in Utah without towns or gas stations that goes for longer than the range of your bike.

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