Day 7

The day started out quite well. I was able to sleep in till about 9. As I was packing up my stuff the dealer called me to say he had recieved my sprocket. I went to pick it up and installed it by 10:30. I was on the road by 10:45. I was getting pretty sick of Oklahoma. The roads were pretty straight and boring. The most interesting thing was the sand. Many of the roads had sand blowing across them. This left some drifts on the roads. I only had trouble with the sand once. There was a deep rut in the sand from a previous motorcycle that had trouble there. I did not crash but did get a little sideways and stopped with my front tire off the road.

Upon entering New Mexico things got instantly better. The sand was gone and the view was beautiful. The roads were running through cattle ranches on rolling hills. The hills turned into mesas that the roads were winding up and down. The first one I hit was a paved set of switchbacks I had to wind down. Then after riding through a valley for a while I came to an intersection I have seen pictures of. On the street sign somebody added another sign that said “bike route.” Apparently many riders miss the turn. That road was a rocky set of switchbacks that climbed up the hill. It was probably the best road of the day. Once on top the roads were rolling through cattle pastures and into Colorado.

The entire time I was riding through Colorado the Rockies were getting bigger and bigger. I tried to take a lot of pictures and I hope they turn out. Most were taken at speed. About one mile from my destination, Trinidad, CO, my back end started to wiggle around a bit. I was thinking it may have been cause by the axle coming loose considering I removed the wheel earlier today to change the sprocket. I pulled over and hopped off the bike. I immediatly saw the flat tire. WTF? I felt and looked at the tire for the offending object. I found what I thought was a staple. Upon removing it I realized it was barb from a barbed wire fence.why was there a barb in the road? Since I was less than a mile from a motel for the night I rode with the flat to the motel. I had planned on getting new tires in Trinidad. Now I need new tires and a new tube, or a patched tube. I could patch the tube myself but that reeks of effort considing I’m getting some service tomorrow.

I was really hoping my luck had changed. I guess all I can do is hope that it does change.


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