Day 8

It was a rainy day. I probably for rained on about 40% of the day. Most of the rain was pretty light. It was just annoying. At least I stayed dry in my rain gear.

To start the day I rode to the dealer to get my new tires. I had them mounted and was on the trail by 10:30. The first 75 miles of roads were a nice soup of sand and mud. A couple of the roads had a sprinkling of gravel in them which gave me a little bit more traction. It was challenging looking through my wet goggles and trying to pick the best line through the rutted up mud.

I stopped for gas and tried to figure out what the scrapping noise I heard was. I cleaned as much of the mud out from around the chain and sprockets as possible. It’s a good thing I took the front sprocket cover off because the nut was starting to get loose again. I put a lot of red loctite on it and cranked it down. Hopefully it will hold this time. I found that scrapping noise was due to the chain being tight in some spots and loose in others. This allowed the chain to eventually wear through the plastic guard on top on the swing arm. So the chain is hitting the swing arm in one small spot. Not a big deal, just a bit noisy.

The Rockies are gorgeous, even in the rain. Most on my riding today has been up and down and around mountains. I’ve mostly been between 7 and 10 thousand feet. At one of the places I pulled over to take some pictures, I hung out for maybe 20 minutes. The sun had just come out so it was nice to get off the bike and just take it all in.

I met one advrider in Cotopaxi, and two more thirty miles down the road. It’s as if they are everywhere. I’m camping in Salida, CO.


One Response to “Day 8”

  1. Uncle Tom Says:

    Great blog Pat!

    Ride safe!

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