Day 10

I woke up around 7 am this morning. I was a little slow to pack up because it was 40 degrees. I stopped and got some breakfast at the Tic Toc Diner in Lake City. I was on the trail by 9. I started by going over Cinnamon Pass, 12640 ft. All of the passed I went over today were plowed during the summer. After Cinnamon Pass I checked out the ghost town of Animas Forks. It’s an old mining town that was deserted in the 1920s. I then went over California Pass, 12930 ft. I rode up to the sign which was at 12957 ft, then hiked to the summit which was probably over 13000 ft. The view from the top was amazing. All I could see in any direction were mountains. After descending a few hundred feet, there was a truck that looked like it rolled down from the pass. The truck was a twisted mess of metal. The roof was sitting on the seat. The sides of the bed were folded over and completely flattened out. It looks like it had been stripped for parts. The valve cover, dash and other parts were gone.

I then went over Hurricane Pass, 12407 ft. The road from Hurricane to Corkscrew Pass had snow banks 12 feet tall on both sides. Apparently they have some really tall plows in Colorado. The road down off of Corkscrew Pass was very steep. My arms were starting to get tired from supporting my weight on the handle bars. The road was interesting in that it had some very large berms in it. They were basically five foot tall berms to drain water from the road. Further down the road there were some nice water crossings. The stream that was running next to the road was running through the road a couple times.

The next road I was on was a paved road. 10 miles of twisty asphalt. Then I made a turn onto a gravel road heading to Ophir, CO. That is a strange little town in the mountains. It’s basically a town full of suburban families.

The next interesting part of my ride today was the national forest routes in the San Juan Narional Forest. I tried to take some video of these routes. The video on my camera looks good. I think I was going too fast for the video on my phone to look good. Duct taping my camera to the beak of my hemlet worked pretty well. 🙂 I’ll have to do that more. It’s unfortunate that I did not remember to take any video sooner in my trip.

It was sad when I road out of the mountains. Colorado is an awesome state with some beautiful roads and scenery. I’m in Monticello, UT for the night.


2 Responses to “Day 10”

  1. Fred Says:

    sounds awsome, glad to hear no more breakage!!! good luck .Bbadfred

  2. Dad Says:


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