The End

… for now. Considering I am still unable to put any weight on the front of my right foot, my trip has ended. I need to keep my foot clean and dry. Sticking it in a stinky boot and riding dirt roads all day is not going to do that. Sitting around a motel in Moab isn’t helping either. My foot just needs some time.

I’ve completed about 1950 miles of the trail. There is approximately 1700 miles I did not complete in Utah, Nevada and Oregon. I’d like to come back and complete them some time. They should take about 10 days.

My bro was nice enough to steal my truck from Urbana and drive out to Moab. We are on our way back to Illinois. Thanks for following my adventure. I’ll keep everybody updated on my foot and future plans of returning to complete the TAT.


10 Responses to “The End”

  1. Mike Says:

    That sucks man. At least you had a partial adventure, though. To be continued!

  2. ck Says:


  3. sean Says:

    … not quite on a boat

  4. Uncle Tom Says:

    Sorry to hear that but I’m sure you made the right decision.

    Thanks for the blog!

    P.S. You might still want to consider wearing your helmet depending on which bro is driving that truck.

  5. Philip Freeman Says:

    oh.. haha, uncle Tom!!! I’m not driving though, so he should be safe..

  6. Steve(advrider alma1992) Says:

    Sorry to hear you had to cut it short, but at least you will be able to try again. Once you’re healed maybe we can get a few of us together for a Central IL ride!

  7. Fred Says:

    Sorry to hear, but you made the right decision better to delay it til you are well. Food try tal to you soon Fred (bbadfred)

  8. Dad Says:

    You rock!

  9. Ted Kocher Says:

    Hey Pat,
    I enjoyed your blog. Thanks for posting! Looked like a lot of fun.

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